June 15, 2013: A Classic South Bay Send Off

Some very good friends of ours – the Rellos clan – are moving to Texas. John, Karen and their dozen or so kids, are South Bay born and bred (okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit on the kid count) and the entire neighborhood turned out for a farewell party at the Surf Grill at Torrance Beach. I’ve heard stories over the years about how they all used to hang out on the beach there during the day and in the Torrance Beach parking lot at night – John and Karen met there and all the kids grew up there, so what better place for a send off? Their good friends, Anne & Mike Giltner, proprietors of the Surf Grill, hosted an incredible going-away party for them! Friends from far and wide, old and new, showed up to bid adieu. The South Bay will miss them something awful – but we’ve all got in invitation to visit them in Texas! Check out the pictures here.

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