Hermosa Harmony Festival

Otober 2, 2021

World of Sound Productions (WOSP) presents the Hermosa Harmony Festival, the first-ever silent beach festival where attendees enjoy an immersive experience of live music, DJs, and wellness experiences through high-fidelity headphones. The unprecedented, all ages, unique concert event kicks off on Saturday, October 2 from 2 to 9 p.m. near the Hermosa Beach Pier.

With five stages to choose from – including DJs, live performers, dancing, and wellness experiences – each concert goer will receive unique headphones with five channels, allowing them to dial in to the experience of their choice. The crystal-clear audio has a range of nearly a quarter mile in each direction, allowing visitors to even to be able to dance with their toes in the ocean. Performers include Cubensis (Grateful Dead tribute band), Acoustic Graffiti (Led Zeppelin tribute band), Kat Hall, Barley, and Latchkey Kid. There will be 15+ DJs, including participation from Neon Beach LA, Ecstatic Dance LA, and Better Together Records. Wellness experiences include Shine Kids Dance, Yoga, meditation, breath work, and shamanic fitness. Non-alcoholic food and drink will be provided.

“There is an insatiable thirst right now for safe outdoor experiences that are memorable and connected on a social level,” said Greg Montemurro, WOSP Director of Digital Media/Marketing. “That’s exactly what we offer.”

“Hermosa has long been a destination for great live music and the Hermosa Harmony Festival is an opportunity to continue that tradition. We at the Chamber applaud that Hermosa ingenuity,” said Jessica Accamando, President/CEO of the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce. Hermosa Beach City Manager Suja Lowenthal adds, “The city is looking forward to hosting this one-of-a-kind event on our beach. We are encouraged by Adam’s efforts to bring the community together through live music and beach activities for all ages.”

Founder Malovani is a Hermosa Beach local and serial entrepreneur who was looking for his next big passion project. He became captivated with the concept of a silent music experience while skiing in Mammoth with his son.

“I came down from the mountain and saw all these people with glowing headphones,” he said. “I’d never experienced a silent disco before and they were playing Neil Diamond’s ’Sweet Caroline’ and all these strangers were bonding and singing together. What struck me was it was a surprisingly communal experience even though everyone had headphones on. My first thought was, “Could I do this with live music?”

It took a team with incredible and diverse talents, but the answer was a definitive yes, and the company has blossomed more with every event. “Because we don’t have amplifiers that require a lot of power, we solar power everything,” said Malovani. “We can do this anywhere – on a beach, on top of a mountain, in the desert. We don’t need a power source, we don’t need wifi. It’s gentle and mindful and just a wonderful experience.”

Said Adam Malovani: “Two of my favorite things in life are music and the beach, and if you can put them together, it doesn’t get much better than that.”

All ages are welcome! This is a pack-in, pack out event. QR and ID are required at the door.

Tickets: $45 for adults, $15 for kids 12 & under.

For additional information and ticket purchase, visit the Eventbrite page at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hermosa-harmony-festival-tickets-166228292297.