ESMoA Experience #23: MATTER

June 5, 2016

MATTEREl Segundo Museum of Art presents Experience #23: MATTER, an Art Experience by German Artist Michael Sistig, opening June 5.

The artist’s first solo show in the U.S. glimpses an unexpected approach to revealing modern science through painting and sculpture.

What are scientific theories? Why do we create them? How do we prove them? What enlightenment can we expect from them?

And how do we fashion scientific visions from new technologies that, when you get right down to it, pretty much produce binary codes of “0” and “1”? MATTER, the new Art Experience at ESMoA in El Segundo, explores our seemingly depthless curiosity about the myths of life via constantly changing scientific theories as seen through the eyes of German artist Michael Sistig in his first solo show in the U.S.

Art Experience #23, MATTER by Michael Sistig, opens at ESMoA in El Segundo with curatorial remarks starting at 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 5. The exhibition will run through September 25, 2016.

The beauty of known theories may be conveyed in numbers, symbols and words, but rarely are they inspirational, confusing and still-comforting images of the type that Sistig created for MATTER. A distinctive dialogue unravels to challenge our usual lack of awareness and the mystified knowledge transfer of modern science. ESMoA’s latest art experience revitalizes the wonder we feel and magic that is integral to numbers, geometry and heroic archetypes.

As the first master student of Peter Doig from the Düsseldorf Academy, Sistig has repeatedly encountered simple aesthetic questions that are all-but-unanswerable. Through painting and intensive study of philosophy, the artist enthusiastically embraces modern science. With the soaring exhibition space of ESMoA transformed into a “scientific storybook” of sorts, MATTER will reveal how one does not need to understand all theories of science to be inspired by the “grand magic” behind it. Perhaps curiosity and scientific progress are not found in numbers and arithmetic, but in visual and sculptural representations of worlds no one has ever seen.

As always, admission is FREE!

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