Vote No on Measure C!!!

January 31, 2017

Here’s another press release I received regarding Measure C…. this time from the local business owners.

As South Bay residents recognize, the Redondo Beach Waterfront is a mixture of small businesses, restaurants and pubs, many of which are owned by local residents. Today, several of those business owners are voicing their opposition to Measure C – a measure that, if approved, would delay necessary infrastructure improvements along the Waterfront, stifling economic growth and raising local taxes. These merchants urge Redondo Beach voters to vote no on Measure C on March 7th.

“Over the years I’ve seen several stopgap fixes undertaken at the pier, but it’s time to comprehensively revitalize our Waterfront,” says Tony Trutanich, owner of Tony’s on the Pier. “Measure C is a bad deal for Redondo Beach’s taxpayers and businesses. It means fewer jobs, less tax revenue, and more years of economic stagnation on the Waterfront.”

A thorough overhaul of Waterfront infrastructure ensures an economically and structurally viable Waterfront will be enjoyed by local business, residents and visitors for years to come. However, approval of Measure C would saddle the city’s taxpayers with nearly $200 million in pier and harbor infrastructure replacements, according to a financial impact study prepared by the City of Redondo Beach.

“Measure C will cost taxpayers $200 million, but that figure does not account for the additional damage it could do to waterfront area businesses,” states Pete Dragich, owner of Quality Seafood. “We need a realistic plan for infrastructure repairs, not a $25 million swimming pool.”

When the parking structure was erected over 40 years ago, encapsulated rebar and superplasticized concrete mixtures commonly found in capital projects today did not yet exist. Years of use and exposure to sea spray have resulted in concrete degradation and exposed rebar around much of the complex.

Meanwhile, businesses located along the International Boardwalk are housed in facilities that were originally intended for marina storage, and as a result there are ingress and egress challenges, limitations on patron occupancy and occasional flooding during higher tides.

“Advocates of Measure C claim they are trying to protect our Waterfront area community, but there might not be much left to protect if they get their way,” says Joy Corradetti, owner of Mystical Joy. “Our businesses are struggling and Measure C will stop the revitalization effort that many of us need to stay afloat. Please vote NO.”

Measure C’s confusing and inhibiting language will lead to further government gridlock and, as the city’s impact study confirms, millions of wasted tax dollars. It is a gamble that Redondo Beach cannot afford.

For more information on Measure C and its negative impacts on Redondo Beach residents and businesses, visit the Vote No on Measure C website at

No on Measure C