July 17 – August 28, 2021

The Torrance Art Museum (TAM) announces the adventurous new community-based public art exhibition ULTRA!, which opens on July 17 and runs through August 28. The Ultra! Kickoff and Museum Reopening Ceremony is on Saturday, July 17 at noon.

Torrance Art Museum serves as the hub station for the exhibition, which features more than 20 artworks from some of the region’s most exciting contemporary artists in accessible locations throughout Torrance. Sculpture, installation, video projection, and interactive experiences are among the works that visitors will find in various parks, storefronts, schools, and government buildings.

The current roster of Ultra! artists include: Luciana Abait, Richard Ankrom, Badly Licked Bear, Joshua Beliso, Reed van Brunschot, Juan Capistran, Ana Carolina Estarita-Guerrero, Fallen Fruit, Finishing School, Jeff Frost, Narsiso Martinez, Julie Orser, Matthew Pagoaga, Esther Ruiz, Abram Santa Cruz, Sonja Schenk, Allison Stewart, Jan van der Ploeg, Dan S Wang, Glen Wilson, and Yarn Bombing LA.

On Saturday, July 17 at noon, the public is invited to celebrate the kick off of Ultra! and the reopening of the museum with a thrilling afternoon of events. It begins with a dedication in front of the museum of a mural at TAM by visiting Dutch artist Jan van der Ploeg. Afterwards, a series of durational and interactive performance art will take place by artists Yozmit, Zac Monday, Mary Anna Pomonis, and Justin Stadel. Additionally, an engaging drive-through / walk-through sculpture park by High Beams Project will occur in the Cultural Arts Center Parking Lot from 12pm-3pm.

Ultra! includes more performances at the TAM on Saturday, August 21 at 3pm, featuring artists Ibuki Kuramochi and Beck + Col with Tetiana Sklyarova and Kayla Aguila.

An Ultra! guidemap will be available as a handout in print and viewable online, giving the location of all the artworks and activity sites. Visitors can tour the Ultra! exhibition sites by walking, driving, or bus.

The Torrance Art Museum building hosts three indoor exhibitions. The Main Gallery will feature works by some of the Ultra! artists, providing a wonderful complement to the outdoor exhibition.

TAM Gallery Two hosts Even Sparkles Have Shadows, an exhibition that dazzles the viewer with beautiful, colorful, playful images – at least on first glance. Closer examination reveals a curious undertone of hidden meaning and darker stories beneath the sparkling veneer. Curated by Jason Jenn, it features artwork by Michael Craig Carrier, Zära Monet Feeney, Chuck Hohng, David Hollen, Stevie Love, Haleh Mashian, Ken Gun Min, and Alison Ragguette.

TAM Dark Room hosts Seconds to Last, a solo exhibition by Cynthia Minet. It features an illuminated inflatable sculpture made of repurposed camping tents that brings attention to the nearly extinct Northern White Rhinoceros.

As with all Torrance Art Museum programs, ULTRA! is free to the public.

For additional information, visit the website at http://www.TorranceArtMuseum.com.

Torrance Art Museum is located at 3320 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503.