The South Bay Steps up For Resin Gallery

January 21, 2021

Resin Gallery, home of the South Bay Artist Collective, nearly became another business lost to the pandemic. Without the ability to host its main annual fundraiser last November, the nonprofit found itself unable to meet its budget and pay the rent. But the South Bay stepped up and showed how much the creative lab means to this community. Through generous donations both big and small, their programs are funded through the summer and will go on.

“It’s more important than ever to continue our programs as our children are experiencing disconnection and stress like never before,” said Rafael McMaster, founder and creator of the volunteer-based Creative Wisdom Tools program which teaches kids the tools to harness their creativity and manage their stress. McMaster is overwhelmed by the positive response to the request for donations. “You showed up for us and demonstrated your support for what we do here and we cannot express how deeply grateful we are for the lifeline provided by our community. We are more committed than ever to embrace and promote innovation and inclusion, and strive to be of service. Thanks to you, we can continue to share our love for artistic expression, harnessing its incredible power to heal.”

The mission of the South Bay Artist Collective is to support artists, audience, and youth in South Bay and build a healthy, thriving art community. The Youth Program is at the heart of the vision, having reached over 400 children from the age of 7-17 in the last four years. The powerful Creative Wisdom Tools – their pandemic-response social emotional learning program – weaves together mindful movement, meditation, coping tools, and creative development. Far beyond “art class,” this program gives students tools to deal with the stress and anxiety that have flourished during the months of quarantine. Robbed of the vitality of daily life interactions and largely confined to screens, kids need an antidote. Resin provides a safe, nurturing environment with a curriculum that builds self-awareness and emotional strength, and gives students an outlet to express their feelings and build resilience.

The Youth Program, offered Monday through Friday, provides a safe and collaborative space for kids to explore their creativity through all forms of art including photography, paint, sculpture, and even (safe and legal!) spray paint. The youth program is Covid-safe with social distancing measures to ensure a safe and fun experience in the creative lab.

“Resin is committed to serving our community for years to come and will continue to seek the philanthropic support we need to thrive. Heartfelt gratitude to all who stepped up to help us keep our doors open. Please consider supporting our cause if you are able. We are volunteer-based and passionate about sharing the healing power of creativity with all who seek it.”

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