Temple Emet open House

August 6 & August 20, 2021

Temple Emet will host an Open House on Friday, August 6 and Friday, August 20 at 5 p.m.

What if you could have a Synagogue with everything that synagogues provide – PLUS the fun of a family-like a social club that shares lunches, dinners, concerts, theater, movies, and other events?

You can have it ALL at Temple Emet – a community that cares, and is there for you when needed, in addition to doing lots of fun social activities together. Temple Emet is inclusive, spiritual, musical and believes in quality – not quantity. Many schedule their lives around the two services each month; the first and third Friday, along with the lunches and dinners.

All are welcome!

For additional information, visit the website at https://www.templeemet.org/.

Temple Emet is located at 051 West 236th Street, Torrance, CA 90501.