Suburbia Closed…. Little Sister Opens

May 30, 2018

I just discovered that Suburbia, the New American restaurant by Chef Tin Vuong located in Riviera Village, closed. A friend and I were going to stop in for sips and bites at the bar last Thursday and the doors were locked. Then I noticed the signage had been removed – but when we peeked in the window, we saw people seated at the tables.

I was standing on the sidewalk shaking my head, looking very confused, when someone exited the restaurant, so I asked him what happened. He said that it would now be Little Sister Redondo Beach (Little Sister is Chef Vuong’s eatery in Manhattan Beach) and would open the next day for a soft opening over the Memorial Day Weekend. I heard absolutely nothing about it closing so it must have been a quick turn around.

I really enjoyed the food at Suburbia and am sorry to see it go…. but I’m looking forward to experiencing Chef Vuong’s latest evolution!