Share Your Stories

April 5, 2020

A message from the Torrance Chamber of Commerce….

The Torrance Area Chamber of Chamber is a convener of communities, catalyst of action, and champion of business. With such difficult times sprung upon the Torrance area, and all businesses within it, the only way to react was with immediate action. We hope that you see how important each business is to us. You are all on our minds. Furthermore, we believe our actions have spoken even louder than these words.

As everyone adjusts to this new reality together, we see ways that the Torrance business area has truly embodied what it looks like to be a tight-knit community. Businesses, and the individuals within those businesses, have bonded closer than ever before – supporting one another in many tangible ways. It is times like this that show what a city is made of and, we can say without a doubt, Torrance has shown its true colors of strength and grit.

However, a story means more when it comes from the mouth of the one that lived through it. We implore you to take a moment to write out your story so we can highlight you, your business, or your employees. Whether the story is about giving back in this time of crisis, a way someone has helped you, or even an encouraging word – we want to hear about it. By sharing your story, we can all find strength and encouragement as we work through this uncharted territory. Bring awareness to one another, share and gather resources to help one another, like we always do.

Everyone (not just TACC Members) is invited to share their story. Send it to Donna at