SBBWA Self Care Online Spa Fundraiser

April 11, 2021

In partnership with SBBWA, Kristina Paudler, SBBWA Sponsorship Co-Chair will be hosting an online Self-Care Spa Fundraiser on Sunday, April 11 from 3 to 4:30 p.m. online.

In the continuous efforts to support and raise funds for the 2021-2022 scholarship winners, the community is invited to take a moment and treat yourself!

During this online event, there will be introductions and networking, followed by a self-care, mini facial spa event. Kristina Paudler, SBBWA Sponsorship Co-Chair, is a personal care product consultant and Market Partner with Monat. She will be guiding and educating participants on the latest, clinically proven, and naturally based skin care products and healthy aging regimen.

You may follow along by purchasing the “Spa Ticket” which includes a sample spa package of each of the skincare products to be applied during the event. Based on your skin type, you will receive a face cleanser, scrub, moisturizer, and serum!

This will be a fun, educational and interactive event. It is recommended you have a bowl of fresh water and washcloth readily available! Or you can simply tune in and take notes for when you’re ready to use your skincare regimen.

Ticket fees and 20% of all proceeds from the event and any subsequent orders in April will go back to the Scholarship Fund! Spa samples can be picked up at Kristina’s home in Redondo, dropped off, or mailed directly to your doorstep.

Tickets are $20.

For additional information and registration, visit