#OptOutside this Black Friday

November 29, 2019

Several years ago, REI decided spending time outdoors is more important than spending time shopping on Black Friday, so they give their employees the day off to #OptOutside.

We spend the majority of our time staring at screens… heck, you’re on one right now. But what if we looked up rather than down? Felt the cool breeze rustling through the trees rather than the cold slickness of our screens? More and more studies show the value of spending time outside. Not necessarily major excursions, but small jaunts to your local park, beach or wilderness area.

The South Bay has miles of beach and hiking trails and there are all sorts of ways to get on the water: paddle boarding, sailing, kayaking, outrigging, pedal boating and more!

To learn more about the benefits of being outdoors, visit the REI website at https://www.rei.com/blog/news/a-dose-of-the-outdoors.