The Healing Power of Music: A Live Music Headphone Experience *CANCELLED*

September 17 – October 8, 2020

World of Sound Productions presents The Healing Power of Music: A Live Music Headphone Experience, a series of 4 weekly live music experiences beginning September 17 and running through October 8 from 5:45 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. on the beach at 10th Street in Hermosa.

Music has long been a conduit for healing of the mind and body. In times of anxiety and change, music can be a calming and uplifting influence. This series of live music experiences will leave you infused with positivity and inspiration. As if the live music wasn’t healing enough, this joyous journey will take place on the beach as the sun sets. You’ll be provided with high-fidelity wireless headphones (sanitized and sealed for your safety) for this immersive, studio-quality, audio experience.

Each of the 90-minute experiences will begin an hour before sunset with a powerful and inspiring 15 minute, music hypnosis, guided meditation by Mindrop Founder, Gina Hemmings, a certified hypnotherapist and meditation coach.

Each sunset concert will feature a different group of world-class musicians and a different healing theme:
Andy & Renee (Sept 17): “Imagine”
Barley (Sept 24): “Changes”
The Late Ones (Oct 1st): “One Love”
RENTaFRIEND BAND (Oct 8): “Good Vibrations”

Each show is limited to 40 people. Bring your beach chair, relax and enjoy the music and the sunset… or get up and move and dance like nobody’s watching.

Tickets for each show are $45 (Resident) and $50 (Non-resident).

Covid-19 Precautions: Classes will be 100% compliant with all State, County and City regulations including physical distancing and face coverings.
-Ropes in the sand will designate a 10’x10’ “safe space” for each person. Attendees are also free to roam up to 1,000 feet in any direction and still able to enjoy the high-fidelity audio experience.
-Face masks will be provided for anyone who doesn’t have their own.
-Temperature will be taken of all attendees, performers and crew at “check-in” before each class.
-Headphones are provided at each class and are sanitized and sealed 1 week prior to class.

For additional information and ticket purchase, visit the website at