Great Maple

Del Amo Fashion Center
21434 Hawthorne Boulevard, Torrance, CA
Cuisine: Eclectic, New Brigade Style Cooking
Jackie says: This restaurant creates a bit of confusion on the first visit. The name sounds vaguely Canadian; the exterior looks like a Chinese restaurant; the interior has a French feel; and they seem to be obsessed with English pop-overs. The menu reflects this international melange with a wide variety of dishes. On the website, they refer to it as a “Modern cross between a European brasserie and classic diner” – the preferred term, European Dinette. Never mind all that. The space is large, open, light and airy and the food is spectacular. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between – the menus are extensive. In addition, they also offer Roaming Tapas Boards with mini seasonal plates and cocktails that periodically take flight in the dining room. The dishes are so varied, I can’t do it justice here, so be sure to visit the website. Eating at Great Maple is a dining adventure!