ESMoA Experience #46: OOMO

June 4 – September 26, 2020

ESMoA presents Experience 46: OOMO, a solo exhibition of photographic artist Nicole Maloney. The OOMO digital cube is a conceptual interactive art sculpture depicting human oneness and our symbiotic association with technology. OOMO asks the world to stand in awe instead of in judgment of one another.

OOMO| OUT OF MANY ONE: Maloney is on a mission to capture every face in the world on the OOMO digital cube to prove that out of many, we are one. One humanity. Our differences are vast, but our similarities are colossal. OOMO confronts man’s symbiotic relationship with technology by broadcasting each selfie on both a communal and global scale. OOMO represents humanity’s moral imperative: to seek peace and tolerance so that every man, woman and child will see the other as they see themselves.

Maloney’s seminal work began with the original OOMO cube installation located in downtown Los Angeles March 2014. This analog cube is a permanent public art piece confronting prejudice with tolerance. It stands 2.44 meters made of steel and aluminum resting on one point. The cube displays photographic images featuring the diversity of man through a mixture of faces printed on stainless steel on five of the six sides.

Each side is divided into nine squares depicting one human face made up of nine different people representing five aspects of humanity: race, religion, gender, socio-economic status and sexual orientation. The sixth side is nine mirrored panels; everyone interacting with the cube becomes a part of OOMO.

The OOMO digital cube sculpture represents the future of social art and innovation. It invites the spectator to become part of its art form. This engagement is interactive, immersive, intuitive and inclusive as participants upload selfies. The succession of each new selfie determines the next visual outcome. After a few seconds depicting one full selfie, it is replaced one square at a time with parts of other people’s faces in the curatorial rotation of images. Each spectator’s interactivity produces an unique interpretation of the artwork’s message: out of many one. Together, the world’s selfies become one.

The OOMO digital cube sculpture will be installed in the ESMoA Entrance foyer and visible online via a live streaming video feed. Users from all over the world will be able to send their selfie through a webapp located on the ESMoA website. Upon uploading their selfie users will see themselves appear for a few seconds on all sides of the OOMO digital cube before pixelating away into nine squares and becoming one with the world’s selfies. Experience 26: OOMO will launch online on June 4, 2020 at and will be on view until September 26, 2020.

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