ESMoA: Brain Food

January 27, 2017

esmoa - brain foodEl Segundo Museum of Art presents Brain Food on Friday, January 27 from 5 to 9 p.m.Delight the palate and sharpen the brain by participating in ESMoA’s latest culinary course offering.

Participants will join Art Muse Los Angeles and chef Robin Trento on a tour of EXPERIENCE 25: BRAIN, followed by a presentation of the 15 foods researchers have deemed “good for the brain.”

A 4-course meal will then be prepared by all using only those 15 “brain foods,” and consumed in the gallery under the watchful, intelligent eyes of 396 Nobel laureates. Surrounded by inspiring images and fueled by a meal of brain healthy offerings, participants can expect to leave the table with renewed focus and enlightenment, plus a few new recipes and culinary tricks.

The course is limited to 15 participants and offered one time only. Course fee is $95 per person, and includes all instruction, materials, food and wine.

For additional information, ticket purchase and registration, visit the website at

El Segundo Museum of Art is located at 208 Main Street in El Segundo.