Downtown Dining Alfresco

August 28 – 30, 2020

Take the family for a unique, open air, dining experience as Torrance restaurants participate in Downtown Dining Alfresco.

The Torrance Downtown Dining Alfresco project has evolved and the prior street closures are no longer necessary. The street parklettes have been created and outdoor dining will continue, but now there will be additional parking, and it’s no longer limited to weekends!

Participating restaurants include Depot, Eat at Rudy’s, Fosters Freeze, Ichimi Ann, Kagura, Kappo Irifune, Keegan’s Sports Bar & Pub, La Capilla, Local Kitchen, Lucio’s Mexican Restaurant, Madre!, Miyabi Uni, Old Torrance Coffee & Tea, Red Car Brewery, Restoration Kitchen & Wine, Tendon Tempura Carlos Junior, Torrance Bakery, Tortilla Cantina, Yorkshire Square Brewery.