Redondo Beach Residents – Vote No on Measure C!!!

March 6, 2017

Representatives of a growing coalition of Redondo Beach civic and community leaders, waterfront businesses, labor unions and public safety officials met in a show of solidarity to voice their opposition to the costly and confusing Measure C last Monday night. Event attendees are concerned about the consequences Redondo Beach residents face if the ballot initiative is approved by voters on March 7.

“Measure C compromises our ability to repair crumbling infrastructure and revitalize the waterfront area in order to build a $25 million pool nobody needs. It’s costly and confusing,” said Patrick Webb, owner of Paddle House on International Boardwalk. “This is a no-brainer – Redondo Beach residents should vote NO on Measure C!”

“Besides not providing for any way to pay for Measure C’s numerous requirements, the authors of this poorly written initiative also gave no thought as to the damage Measure C would do to waterfront area businesses,” stated Pete Dragich, operations manager, Quality Seafood. “We need a realistic plan for infrastructure repairs, traffic management and waterfront revitalization.”

The small businesses located along the King Harbor waterfront are among the stakeholders most affected by Measure C, and most eager for work to improve the area’s crumbling infrastructure to begin. Guidelines to revitalize the waterfront were approved by Redondo Beach voters in 2010 and Measure C would endanger this progress. Waterfront business owners have also noted that throughout the process the authors and supporters of Measure C have never once met with them to explain how Measure C will benefit or impact their businesses.

The Vote No on Measure C campaign highlighted many of the businesses and organizations opposing Measure C in a video available at A complete list of current endorsements can be found at and voters are encouraged to visit the Vote No on Measure C website or the Vote No on Measure C Facebook page. This list will be updated as additional endorsements are received.

For more information on Measure C and its negative impacts on Redondo Beach residents and businesses, visit the Vote No on Measure C website at

No on Measure C