TOCA Needs Your Help…… Again

June 3, 2021

Why is it the arts programs are always first to the chopping block??? I received the following from Chris Wolf, Executive & Artistic Director of the Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation…..

“Sadly, it is that time again.

On Tuesday May 18th, Council member George Chen moved to reduce the portion of TOCA’s funding that has been used to offset staff costs and to for other events such as Dancing with the SB Stars and the Studio Cabaret series. Chen’s reasoning for the reduction of support was he wanted to see TOCA expand our fundraising effort, not taking into consideration that we have just experienced a yearlong pandemic and were unable to host our annual SouthBay Festival of the Arts fundraiser for two consecutive years.

With the proposed, and approved reduction of this support, TOCA will no longer be able to operate and we will have to close our doors for good.

We are sure that you are as tired of fighting for the Arts as we are, but it looks like the battle continues. While for over 25 years, the TOCA has been proud to bring quality cultural and entertainment events to the South Bay. Our events have become the pride of Torrance and the South Bay. Still, it seems every year we find ourselves back in the situation where we have to fight to keep our mission alive.

If you would like TOCA to continue, we ask that you let the Torrance City Council know. Tell them how much TOCA means to you and the city, ask them to continue fully funding TOCA. You may have done this as recently as last year, but until we are able to convince the city council of the need to keep the arts alive, we will need to continue to ask for your help.

Our official request will be heard by the council at the June 22nd city council meeting.

Below are the email addresses and phone numbers for all the council members. We urge you to, once again, let them know you’d like them to keep TOCA alive so that we can continue our mission on behalf of Torrance and the South Bay.”

Patrick J. Furey, Mayor
Phone: (310) 618-2801
Fax: (310) 618-5841

George K. Chen, Councilmember
Phone: (310) 618-2801
Fax: (310) 618-5841

Mike Griffiths, Councilmember
Phone: (310) 781-7667
Fax: (310) 618-5841

Sharon Kalani, Councilmember
Phone: (310) 618-2801
Fax: (310) 618-5841

Aurelio Mattucci, Councilmember
Phone: (310) 618-2801
Fax: (310) 618-5841

Aram Chaparyan, Torrance City Manager

Please cc Shant Megerdichian, Director, General Services Department at:

Also here is the mailing address for the city in case you would prefer to write a letter.
City of Torrance, City Hall
3031 Torrance Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90503

Together we can save the arts in Torrance!

Please consider supporting TOCA and the performing arts in the South Bay. Simply text “TOCAlive” to 44-321 or click the button.