South Bay Fencing (sword fencing, that is!)

June 14, 2018

South Bay Fencing, a new fencing club has recently opened in Torrance. For those that may be unaware, I was a competitive fencer years ago and got my start at a club in Torrance.

Fencing is not as popular here in the States as it is in Europe and around the world, but it’s a fun and fantastic sport! Summer break is a great time for kids to try new activities and sports and they can start as young as six years old training at the club. Fencing is also a great way to get a leg up to get into universities with fencing teams (Stanford, UCSD, Columbia, Princeton, Penn State, etc). At my former club, 97% of student members were accepted into Ivy League schools….. just sayin’!

For additional information, call 310-756-8635 or visit the website at

En guarde!

Precision Athletic Fencing Club is located at 20038 Hawthorne Boulevard, Torrance CA 90503.