PVAC Call for Videos

April 4, 2020

Palos Verdes Art Center has issued a Call for Videos.

The team at PVAC is expanding their online presence with virtual exhibitions and e-blasts to members and friends. Theys would like to involve you, too.

PVAC will periodically post videos on their website that they receive from members and the community at large. This is an open outlet for creativity, so let your artistic visions flow and submit videos of any length and genre, be it dance, spoken word, animation, etc.

Don’t have a video? PVAC staff will be glad to help you make one.

Options for Submitting Videos

High production quality is not imperative. PVAC is searching for content to share with the community. Videos may be as simple as those created on one’s cell phone. For ideas and/or assistance, please contact Aaron through his email provided below.

1. Provide direct link to video already posted online
a. Vimeo
b. YouTube
c. Other websites, etc.

2. Upload med-sized files (MP4 or MOV)
a. Dropbox
b. WeTransfer

3. Submit photos (JPG or PDF) & audio files (MP3 or WAV)
a. Dropbox
b. WeTransfer
c. Via Email

4. Submit script dialog & brief storyboard (DOC); set a time for teleconference discussion
a. Via Email

Send all email inquiries and materials to Aaron Sheppard at asheppard@pvartcenter.org.

Thank you for contributing to our online art program!