Palos Verdes Bowl Rumors

May 17, 2019

I heard last week that Palos Verdes Bowl is going to close. I reached out to my subscribers to see if anyone had any information and received this from Joe Bensoua of The Jokers, a local band that regularly plays at PV Bowl.

“I saw your item on the closing of the PV Bowl. There are a lot of rumors floating around, so Louie, who runs the Cove Bar within PV Bowl asked me to set the story straight with anyone who wants to know. Here is what was gleaned from our conversation:

UPDATE ON THE CLOSING OF THE PV BOWL IN TORRANCE: Here is what’s going on, according to the manager of the PV Bowl’s Cove Bar.

2. The PV Bowl is CLOSING. It could be the end of this year, it could be 2 years down the road. But the process is under way.
3. The current owners and their partners plan to bulldoze the iconic bowling alley and replace it with high-earning renters: A Chic-fil-A, a Starbucks and a Bank.
4. Bands are being scheduled (The Jokers play monthly) through September. If all the pieces of the puzzle are not in place to close the Bowl, then bands will continue to be hired through the rest of 2019.
5. I’m guessing Environmental Impact Reports and Traffic Impact Studies will probably have to be carried out by the city before any bulldozing can begin. Since this project is being ramrodded by the current owners, I’m sure they don’t want an empty eyesore of a lot until new construction can begin.
6. Sadly, the PV Bowl will eventually be history. There are no plans to rebuild the bowling alley.

This is the latest. I will be seeing Louie Thursday night and will ask for updates. If there are any, I will be sure to let you know.”

Thanks, Joe!

BTW, how cool is this photo? Couldn’t find a larger version….

And then, Joe sent me this late Thursday night….