Operation Smiles South Bay

December 11, 2020

BeachLife has launched Operation Smiles South Bay, a program designed to help those that need it the most — those that just need a smile.

With corporate partners Subaru Pacific, Tito’s Vodka, Brown Foreman, and Beach Cities Health District, they’ve raised over $25,000 towards a campaign designed to make our local community smile and provided some much needed assistance to those that need it most.

How’s it work?

Gift cards will be purchased from local businesses, restaurants, small retailers and more, those that need some extra sales to get through the winter and are locally owned and operated. If you know anyone that fits this description and could use the help, please have them submit an application at https://airtable.com/shr0vRQgjp31rGSCx. In order to qualify, businesses need to be local to the South Bay, part of the Safer in the South Bay program, directly affected by COVID-19, and smaller in nature (we’re leaving that open ended).

More importantly, those gift cards will be given away to those that need it the most. If you, or anyone you know, has recently been laid off, or is having a hard time with things right now and needs a little help with some extra money for food or a Christmas present, please submit your wish list at https://airtable.com/shrrQUmaAW362V8eB

Feeling the holiday spirit? Donate at https://www.gofundme.com/f/operation-smiles-south-bay.