New Public Facilities @ Terranea

June 11, 2018

Terranea recently debuted an all new public restroom facility located along the public coastal trails that wind through the property.

Providing welcome amenities for both the local community and visitors to the area is a long-standing priority for the resort and this new build will ideally make a day visit to Terranea and its surrounding beaches, hiking and biking trails even easier.

The new facility is located at the bluffs near Nelson’s restaurant, just off the coastal trail. Up to 70% of the materials used in its buildout were supplied from within a 5 mile radius. All toilets are equipped to meet low water flow standards; pre-consumer, recycled clay roof tiles were used to reduce energy demands; and brick pavers were repurposed from past projects; among other sustainable build initiatives.

Terranea-New Facilities

Terranea-New Facilities 2