Manhattan Beach Security Camera Registration Program

February 18, 2016

Security-Camera-RegistrationIn a continuing effort to partner with the community to enhance crime prevention efforts and solve crime, the Manhattan Beach Police Department invites residents and business owners to register their video surveillance systems with the Police Department.

If your residence or business has a security camera system that views and records public areas such as streets, sidewalks and parking lots, you can help the Manhattan Beach Police Department investigate, and potentially solve, crime by registering your system.

If a crime occurs in the vicinity of a registered camera, a representative from the Manhattan Beach Police Department may contact the registered owner of the camera and ask to review the recorded footage relevant to the date and time of the incident. The Manhattan Beach Police Department will not have direct access to camera systems and will only ask to review footage in the event of a crime or critical incident (i.e. missing person, lost child, etc.).

Video cameras are among the many options when considering residential and commercial security and can be a deterrent to would-be crooks. Currently, when a crime occurs, Manhattan Beach police officers and detectives will walk neighborhoods and commercial areas looking for exterior video cameras. If found and with permission of the owner, the footage is viewed for images that can be helpful in identifying suspects and/or suspect vehicles. Video footage can also be helpful in determining the exact date and time of a crime.

Manhattan Beach Police Chief Eve R. Irvine wants the community to know, “The Camera Registration program will not replace the current practice of officers and detectives walking the neighborhood and contacting locations for video evidence. However, it will allow the Police Department to expedite our investigations in a collaborative effort with our community.”

This program is voluntary and those interested in participating must fill out the online registration found at or, download the Security Camera Registration Form (PDF) and mail or email the form to the Manhattan Beach Police Department. Questions or inquiries regarding the program can be directed to: