January 20, 2012: Redondo Fun Factory

I was at the Redondo Beach Pier yesterday afternoon to celebrate Sienna Sky Walker’s 4th birthday! After a fine meal at Kincaid’s, our crew strolled over to the Redondo Fun Factory and cashed in our bills for quarters. I haven’t been there in years but within minutes, the arcade adrenalin kicked into high gear. Oh, yeah, we played everything! Pinball, skee ball, basketball, race cars. different computer simulated rides and various ball tosses. I even tried that stupid game where you manipulate a crane to pick up a stuffed animal…of course I didn’t get it. Nobody EVER gets it! I didn’t go on the Tilt-A-Whirl – I got sick the last time I did, sometime around 1974…. Anyway, it was a hoot and we cashed in enough tickets to get a couple of cool prizes for our favorite four year old!

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