January 18, 2013: Dine Time Updates

The ‘Dine Time’ page features my favorite places to eat – some exorbitantly expensive, others super cheap – depending on the mood I’m in. It’s a work in progress, as new places are always opening, others close their doors and chefs come and go. I prefer to wait a while on the newcomers to see if they have any staying power. There’s nothing worse than raving about a great new restaurant and finding out six months later they’ve gone out of business. Nine times out of ten, it is a great place with delicious food but in a bad location. We all know those sites – it’s like they’re jinxed! I recently read an article in one of the local papers that listed the best new restaurants in the South Bay. Don’t be discouraged if I haven’t included them on my lists. Chances are, I haven’t been there yet. My mission is to promote the South Bay – you’ll never read anything negative on this site – and I refuse to take up your precious time and my space constraints going on a rant about how awful a place is. I’d rather focus on the good stuff!

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