IN-N-OUT Burger @ LAX

In and Out Burger @ LAXWhen you live in Southern California, it is predestined you will have friends and family come to visit. Often. Let’s be honest – hosting visitors can be a chore.

You want your guests to enjoy their time here in the Land of LA but you’ve done Hollywood Boulevard and lunch at the Ivy to death.

Here’s a better idea – why not treat them to truly unique L.A. experience without leaving the South Bay? Treat your guests to lunch and take them to IN-N-OUT Burger at LAX.

IN-N-OUT Burger is a staple of the Southern California landscape and if your guests are unfamiliar with it, all the better.

They may initially be put off by the lack of choices: a double-double with or without onions? Nevermind. Once you have trays in hand, steer them to one of the tables outside. Within moments of biting into the best burger they’ve ever had, they will leap out of their seats when the first jet comes in for a landing right across the street. With any luck, it’ll be a jumbo jet.

Be sure to bring a camera to catch all the action. Adults enjoy this as much as, if not more than, the kids and who doesn’t love IN-N-OUT? It’s classic, it’s iconic, it’s an experience they’ll never forget and it’s totally L.A.

Who needs Sunset Boulevard?

IN-N-OUT Burger at 9149 S Sepulveda Boulevard in Westchester.

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