Hey 19

4525 Calle Mayor
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 378-8119
Cuisine: American Comfort
Jackie says: Hey 19 opened just a few months ago (summer 2014) and it’s already become one of my favorite places to eat and just hang out. The decor and food are retro Americana and infused with nostalgia. The menu comes in a Pee Chee folder, an iconic Farah Fawcett poster hangs behind the bar, no two chairs are alike and the name is taken from a classic Steely Dan song. The menu is packed with comfort foods – think, fried chicken & waffle, grilled cheese, pork chop, mac & cheese, burgers, meatloaf – and it’s even better than mom used to make. They already have a live entertainment permit and I predict Hey 19 will become the hottest dance spot in the South Bay. BTW, when you visit, bring a photo of yourself when you were 19 and they’ll put it on the board!

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