Happy Father’s Day!

June 19, 2016

Father’s Day has never been as brunch-focused as Mother’s Day….probably because, historically, men didn’t spend as much time in the kitchen as women and wouldn’t consider a break from a hot stove a treat.

Here in the South Bay, there are plenty of pursuits perfectly suited for Father’s Day. The following are a few of my top picks….and the best part? You don’t need to make a reservation!

For the athlete – Volleyball Tournament in Manhattan Beach https://www.southbaybyjackie.com/fathers-day-volleyball-tournament/

For the car enthusiast – Sunday Drive & Beer Tasting at the ADM https://www.southbaybyjackie.com/fathers-day-sunday-drive-beer-tasting-the-adm/

For the music lover – El Segundo Summer Concerts in the Park https://www.southbaybyjackie.com/el-segundo-summer-concerts-in-the-park-series/

For the cinephile – Beauty of Nature Film Series: TRACKS https://www.southbaybyjackie.com/beauty-of-nature-film-series-tracks/

For the shopper – A Day at The Point https://www.southbaybyjackie.com/fathers-day-special-events-point/

Of course, dad will have to eat at some point…..and aren’t we fortunate to have so many fantastic, local restaurants? For a list of my favorites, check out the Dine Time page at https://www.southbaybyjackie.com/dine-time.php

May all you wonderful dads enjoy a fabulous Father’s Day!

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