Friendship Bowl Virtual Fundraiser Results

March 23, 2020

Walk With Sally’s annual Friendship Bowl, which was changed at the last moment to a virtual event, raised $140,000!

That $140,000 will enable Walk With Sally to support 25 friendships for a year throughout L.A. County and they’ll be using a portion of those proceeds to directly support the families impacted by COVID-19 through the Temporary Family Support program.

“We are saddened by the recent virus outbreak and know that Walk With Sally has a responsibility to check in and support our families during this difficult time. We are investing our resources to be there now when they need it most. Because of all of you, our “Heroes”, we can realize our dream of expansion over the next few months into Central and East L.A. with staff working directly in these communities.” said Founder & CEO, Nick Arquette.

For additional information and to make a donation, visit the website at