Dockweiler RV Quarantine Camp

April 8, 2020

There has been some concern regarding the Dockweiler RV Quarantine Camp. Specifically, what happens to the homeless individuals housed there once they are released. I received the following update from the MBSAFE organization…..

Dear members,

We are glad to share the answer from the office of Janice Hahn regarding possible plans for the individuals released from Dockweiler RV Camp after they have completed the quarantine. This is good news and hopefully will ease any anxiety. The name of the person to whom the email was directed has been deleted to protect his/her privacy.

Thank you again and stay safe!


From: “LaMarque, Jennifer”
Subject: Re: Plan for Dockweiler RV Residents After Quarantine?
Date: April 6, 2020 at 9:29:59 AM PDT
To: ________________

Good Morning ___________,

Thanks for your email. The individuals who have completed quarantine are not being released into the surrounding neighborhoods. The team at Dockweiler currently has a workflow in place that taps into the existing interim housing system to place those who can leave the site into a facility.

Thus far, transportation has been coordinated with the receiving sites. The Department of Public Health is building this into the discharge planning at each quarantine/isolation site across the county. The Office of Emergency Management has also secured shuttle service contracts for the interim housing locations that do not provide transport. I hope you find this information to be helpful.


Jennifer LaMarque
South Bay Deputy
Supervisor Janice Hahn, 4th District