Destination: Art Celebrates Healthcare Heroes

June 9, 2021

Destination: Art Celebrates Healthcare Heroes with an exhibit by Dr. Carol Francis.

The pandemic may be on the wane in the US, but the effect on frontline healthcare workers is an extended period of healing.

Dr. Carol Francis, a psychologist whose practice is in Torrance, began painting portraits of these frontline healers in South Bay hospitals and care facilities, as a way to acknowledge their heroic efforts and individual struggles.

She is also an associate artist at Destination: Art Studio and Gallery in Torrance, where more than 60 of her portraits are on display.

“We are honored to exhibit these poignant portraits in our art space,” says Destination: Art President Margaret Lindsay. “Destination: Art believes acknowledging the local community, and these healthcare workers have had a far greater impact on all of our lives than we may ever know.”

View the show online or in person by making an appointment.

Destination: Art is located at 1815 W 213th Street, #135​, Torrance, CA.

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