December 27, 2013: DOMA Kitchen

This afternoon I made plans to meet my husband at DOMA Kitchen for a late lunch. I’ve tried several times over the past few months to eat there but every time I stopped by, it was closed. That was just bad timing on my part! DOMA is open for breakfast and lunch and closed on Monday. The menu is short and sweet and the dishes are bursting with flavor. The seasonal menu features 100% farmers’ market fresh produce with a nice selection of ‘healthy choice’ options and everything is made to order. The parking lot is tiny but there’re plenty of spaces on Gertruda behind the café. It’s a funky, friendly, family-owned place with colorful artwork and chalk boards adorning the building facade and fence enclosure. Order your meal at the indoor counter and then grab a table on the deck (sunny) or under the tent (shady). DOMA Kitchen is located at 420 North Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach. Be sure to stop in and check it out – I loved the vibe as much as the food!

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