December 22, 2012: A Neighborhood Bar

You know how some things just work out even when they shouldn’t? I had plans to meet up with a friend last night and at the very last minute, she called to cancel. Really, it was no big deal. It had been a long week and I was kinda tired. I was about to get comfy in a fluffy robe and curl up with a new book when I remembered that the big guy had walked down to the Riviera Village Farmers’ Market to pick up a few things. I called to ask if he wanted me to drive down and give him a lift home. He said that he ran into a few friends and was at Hennessey’s having a beer….so, of course, I said I’d be right there. This is the best thing about living in the South Bay – it was like old home town week! We sat there for a few hours while friend after friend walked in. Rockaway Bob Healy and his fabulous wife Amy, Kirk and Kathy Johnson and their ‘little’ girl who’s off to Yale, Tim Ritter and others. What a fun, fun, night! BTW, the big guy never did make it to the farmers’ market!

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