Comedy for Dessert

November 26, 2020

Senior Comedy Afternoons presents Comedy For Dessert, to go along with your pecan, apple or pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving Day.

Laughter makes a great side dish! Tables from coast to coast can now be entertained on Zoom by comedians on Thanksgiving Day and all throughout the Thanksgiving weekend.

Invite a comedian to entertain your family and guests to liven things up and add a little comedic spice to your dinner table.

Your Zoom gathering will be a lot more colorful this year with a comedian as your surprise dinner guest!

Senior Comedy Afternoons will provide a comedian to join you at your table ahead of time. All you’ll need is the zoom passcode and meeting ID. These are some of the finest comedians who travel the country, work the biggest stages, and write for TV, that will now do a mini-show for you and your guests.

The cost for a fifteen minute show is $100. Extra fifteen minute increments are also available. The comedy is clean and clever.

If you’d like to send one as a birthday or anniversary gift, they can do that, too. Laughter is the best gift you can send!

For additional information and to order your comedian, contact Bonnie Barchichat at 714.914.2565 or visit the website at