Chez Melange

August 30, 2019

I learned many years ago that Chez Melange doesn’t do to-go-orders. The following press release explains why…..

“There is something to be said about your food being fresh out of the oven or right off the stove and right onto your plate. When your food is fresh, the flavors, the texture, even the presentation- it is at its highest potential. Which is the only way Chez Melange wants you to experience their food. Chez truly steps it up when it comes to the quality and care of their food, owning a “Seed to Plate” program where everything is grown fresh and produce from the garden is then shipped weekly to Chez Melange to be used. Therefore, all of their food items are “Farm to Table”, and everything served only contains the freshest and most nutritious ingredients.

In order to maintain this, food items must be served in a timely manner, presented in a certain way and only cooked to be eaten immediately after being served straight to your table. Having one of their mouth-watering steaks, Farm-to-Table Bouzy burgers, or their scrumptious Chilean sea bass prepared to perfection, yet only to be delivered to your door 30 minutes later and potentially a little cold, is not Chez Melange standards, which is why they will not be partaking in any kind of outside food delivery. Although many restaurants are open to new age food delivery services, (ie Grubhub and Postmates) and yes, it may be easier and may bring in some extra income, this is one thing Chez truly believes hinders the quality of your food and they are not willing to sacrifice that for their customers. Quality over anything else has and always will be first priority at Chez Melange.”

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Chez Melange is located at 1611 South Catalina Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA 90277.