CA 101 Art Exhibition: Artisan Wine Tasting Recap

June 8, 2017

FullSizeRender 2The Opening Night Reception for the 2017 CA 101 Art Exhibition: It Takes a Village, took place on Friday, June 2, in the former Denee’s location on Avenue I in Riviera Village, Redondo Beach.

Presented by Friends of Redondo Beach Arts, this exhibition has quickly become one of the foremost art events in the South Bay. Opening Night was an absolute crush, drawing not only featured artists and art patrons, but shop owners, politicians, families, tourists, students, professionals, media and more.

Riviera Village was reminiscent of Times Square on New Year’s Eve (okay, I’m exaggerating just a bit!) with throngs of people descending on Avenue I…. not something you normally see in the Riv!

This sixth annual juried show features 137 contemporary artists in the gallery and 56 artists in the gift shop, with artists hailing from all over the state sharing their creative impressions of life today in California. It should come as no surprise, our insanely talented local artists are well represented!

Curated by Nina Zak Laddon with Exhibition Director Sandra Liljenwall, the exhibit showcases works in various mediums…. and once again, these art influencers brought their A game with some of the most provocative, unique and emotional works from artists up and down the state.

IMG_6304Photo courtesy of J. Balestra

An intimate Artisan Wine Tasting featuring the Boisset Collection, took place at the venue on Monday, June 5. Hosted by Boisset Ambassadors Peggy and Brian Dean, 25 attendees enjoyed a delightful, tasty and educational, six course, paired, tasting experience.

IMG_6303Photo courtesy of J. Balestra

The assemblage included business people, artists, wine enthusiasts, community activists, politicians and influencers.

3Photo courtesy of N. Zak Laddon

6Photo courtesy of N. Zak Laddon

2Photo courtesy of N. Zak Laddon

Seated in an interior room fabricated for the exhibit, it created a more intimate milieu within the sprawling 10,000 square foot exhibition space. Surrounded by walls covered in art, it was a one-off dining experience.

IMG_6277Photo courtesy of J. Balestra

I enjoy wine – but by no means am an expert – and learned much from this experience. Peggy and Brian are friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. As members of several wine societies, they clearly delight in sharing their passion. They commented briefly on each course as they were served, and gladly answered questions on everything from how weather affects a harvest and pricing, to the difference between wine bought in a grocery store and those purchased directly from a winery.

IMG_6316Photo courtesy of J. Balestra

The amount of work that goes into pairing wine and food has always been beyond my comprehension, but they clarified the chemistry, and it was actualized as we sipped and noshed. A Rose Sparkling wine was paired with caramelized onions and feta pastry bites; a Chardonnay with uncured ham and Comte cheese on brioche toast; a Pinot Noir served with Toscano cheese coasted with coarse black pepper; a Cabernet-Shiraz paired with rich cocoa truffles and more. Science aside, it was delicious.

IMG_6297Photo courtesy of J. Balestra

The Artisan Wine Tasting was an exceptional treat…. the organizers may have to include this event for the next exhibition!

IMG_6309Photo courtesy of J. Balestra

If you haven’t yet stopped by, CA 101: It Takes a Village, will be on exhibit through Sunday, June 11. You don’t want to miss this!

For additional information, visit the website at

The exhibition space is located at 219 Avenue I in Redondo Beach.

Cover photo courtesy of Susan Lapin