Bellacures Opens @ The Point

August 4, 2016

bellacures-logo-3In addition to celebrating their ten-year anniversary, Bellacures, the hip, celebrity favorite nail salon franchise, announces their newest opening at The Point in El Segundo, California.

The 918 square foot high-end salon has 13 chairs and offers clients the exceptional experience Bellacures has built their success on. Simultaneously, the salon will begin to roll out a new look for their luxe interiors.

The South Bay location will represent the same philosophies Bellacures has become so well known for, offering unparalleled treatments in a clean, comfortable environment, but will launch a new aesthetic to the brand introducing a brighter, more modern look. On a backdrop of white, grey and “Bellacures” green, sleek metal furniture, industrial lighting and calming greenery will complete the fresh, simple and serene environment.

“It’s an exciting time for us,” says Samira Far, Founder of Bellacures. “It’s been ten incredible years and opening this new salon in this amazing beachside community is a great way to mark it.”

“We couldn’t have picked a more perfect location for our next salon,” adds Gerard Quiroga, Bellacures South Bay franchisee. “This community is so vibrant. Bellacures will fit in perfectly with the South Bay lifestyle of self-care and wellness.”


Services offered include Manicures (Mini Mani, ‘Man’-i-cure, Kid-i-cure, Gelicure, Intense Moisture Manicure, Exfoliating Walnut Manicure, Dry Hand & Nail Therapy Manicure, Sea Salt Scrub Manicure, Paraffin and much more); Pedicures (Mini Pedi, Kid-i-cure, Callus Repair Pedicure, Callus Blaster Pedicure, Softer Soles Pedicure and much more); Nail Extensions (Acrylics); Waxing (for all areas) and seasonal special services.


About Bellacures
With seven locations in California and one in Dallas, Texas, Bellacures has become the gold standard for nail salons. Born out of the idea that nail salons should be inviting, rejuvenating, relaxing and comfortable, with cleanliness standards that are above customary requirements, Bellacures’ professional staff are taught to maintain the space with meticulous attention to detail, cleaning and sterilizing all tools and servicing all client appointments with new files, buffers, foot files, toe separators and other necessities that can either be thrown away or taken home. Renowned and celebrated for their high standards of cleanliness in a soothing spa-like atmosphere, Bellacures boasts a premier celebrity client list including Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, and many more. Appointments for each location can be booked by calling, using the Bellacures App or online at