BeachLife Festival – Day Two Recap

May, 5, 2019

BeachLife Festival – Day Two – Saturday, May 4, 2019

The fact that the weather has been cooperating is as mind-blowing as Day Two of the BeachLife Festival. Seriously, you couldn’t ask for more perfect weather for an outdoor event.

While Day One had a very good turnout considering it was a weekday, from the start of Day Two, you could tell the attendance numbers would be much higher (I’m looking forward to hearing the final tally). Even though there were substantially more attendees, the venue flow still worked beautifully. The only time you may have felt crowded was if you were within about 25 feet of a stage. Considering the concentration of people, there was still plenty of room to move….and there was never a line for a bathroom!

The energy in the air was palpable, you could feel the anticipation of what the day would bring…. and it didn’t disappoint.

The Day Two line-up included, Latchkey Kid, Berlin, Sugar Ray, Barley, Everclear, Best Coast, V Torres, CHevy Metal, Dawes, His Eyes have Fangs, Violent Femmes, Jason Mraz, Tomorrows Bad Seeds and headliner, Brian Wilson.

A few highlights from Day Two….

The day got off to a rockin’ start on the High Tide stage with a set by Berlin. Terri Nunn looks as amazing as she sounds and they played every one of their hits. I’d forgotten just how many they had.

Sugar Ray turned up the volume on the Low Tide stage and had the audience going nuts with a cover of The Ramones hit Blitzkrieg Bop.

Chevy Metal front man Taylor Hawkins (and Foo Fighters’ awesome drummer!) was all over the stage bursting with energy and the band did an entire set of Van Halen tunes. It was, like, the best cover band EVER!

Jason Mraz was a crowd favorite and the name I overheard the most all day.

Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds is a local band with amazing energy.

V Torres, another local band, did a great job representing the South Bay.

Brian Wilson was listed as the Day Two headliner but the set also featured a couple of the original Beach Boys including Al Jardine. The sizable band had several vocalists including Matt Jardine, who sounds just like his dad. Brian Wilson came out in a wheelchair and was seated front and center at a white baby grand piano. They started with several of the Beach Boys greatest hits, segued into some new and more obscure songs, followed up with a few more hits and ended the night with Help Me, Rhonda. It was a fantastic set and pretty nostalgic. I saw several people with tears in their eyes and I have to admit, I choked up once or twice. No matter how old or infirm the musicians become, the Beach Boys will live on forever.

And that’s Day Two of the BeachLife Festival!

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Photo Credit: The Amazing Sam Spence