Author: Jackie Balestra

January 19, 2012 (Live Music Venues in the South Bay)

We had another great show this morning! Our guest panel consisted of representatives from some of the live music venues here in the South Bay: Katie Henley from Saint Rocke, Scott Eric Toll from Cafe Boogaloo, John La Rock from the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center and proprietor and producer Mitch Chang of Kala Koa Entertainment. There’s a ton of great entertainment to be found in the South Bay – you don’t want to miss this! Listen to it here:

January 19, 2012 (South Bay Live Music Venues)

Listen to Bllog Talk Radio – January 19, 2012 – We had another great show this morning featuring a guest panel of representatives from live muisc venues in the South Bay: Katie Henley from Saint Rocke, Scott Eric Toll from Cafe Boogaloo, John La Rock from the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center and promoter and producer, Mitch Chang of Kala Koa Entertainment. You don’t want to miss this!

January 18, 2012 (Live Music Venues in the South Bay)

We’ve got a great program lined up for this Thursday’s South Bay Small Business Hour! We’ll be doing a show featuring live music venues in the South Bay. Our guest panel includes reps from Sainte Rocke, Cafe Boogaloo, The Lighthouse and KalaKoa Intertainment. Go to Blog Talk Radio at 7:00 am this Thursday morning and tune into the South Bay Small Business Hour. Better yet, call in live at 714-242-5288!

January 17, 2012 (Gray Whale Migration)

You’ve all heard about the massive gray whale migration currently taking place right off our shores. Last weekend, orca whales were spotted as well. Wanting to see this spectacle for ourselves, we spent a few hours Sunday at the Point Vicente Interpretive Center with binoculars, spotting scope and camera at the ready. Regretably, we got skunked…not a whale in site! Nevertheless, it was a lovely way to spend a few hours! If you’ve never been to Point Vicente, check out the new write-up on the ‘Things to Do’ page.

January 15, 2012 (The Academy of Foreign Languages)

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest advertiser to the site, The Academy of Foreign Languages! The AoFL is located right here in the South Bay and offers a wide range of language study programs for people of all ages and levels. I’ve been studying with them for several years – yes, I’m fluent in Italian thanks to them! – and can personally vouch for their expertise and passion in providing the finest language instruction available. When you have a chance, click on the ad square to the right of the page and visit the website to discover how the AoFl can help you achieve all your language study needs.

January 13, 2012 (Rock n’ Roll GangStar Pre-Namm Festival & Jam)

This is for all you metal heads out there! Head to the Redondo Beach Pier this Saturday for the Rock n’ Roll GangStar Pre-NAMM Festival and Jam featuring Great White and 13 other hard rockin’ heavy metal bands. The event takes place at three venues on the International Boardwalk – Delzano’s, Naja’s Place and Louie Luey’s. Starts at 3:00 pm and admission is free until 8:00 pm. After 8:00 it’ll cost you $5.

Experience Terranea’s Birds of Prey

Mankind has employed birds of prey to hunt for thousands of years. Falconry is “the taking of wild quarry in its natural state and habitat by means of a trained raptor” and the sport has been around for a long, long time.

Have you ever had an opportunity to view a hawk or falcon up close and personal? Have you ever watched them hunt? Falconry is a fascinating pastime and if you’ve ever wondered about this ancient pursuit and would like to learn more about it, you’re in luck.

The Academy of Foreign Languages

Have you ever imagined yourself in a distant land, experiencing the culture, savoring the cuisine, making new friends, conversing in a foreign language….fluently? Yes, I think you have….n’est-ce pas?

It’s time to stop dreaming.

Learn a new language, brush up on existing language skills or simply converse in your native tongue – do all this and more at the Academy of Foreign Languages. (Read More)

January 11, 2012 (SkatePark PV)

On tomorrow morning’s radio show, we’ll be talking to Ellen November of SkatePark PV. Ellen is on the board of directors for SkatePark PV which is working diligently to get approval to build a skate park in Rancho Palos Verdes. If you live on the hill and want to support the cause, listen to the show tomorrow morning on Blog Talk Radio….better yet, call in and voice your support! Go to Blog Talk Radio at 7:00 am, hit the ‘On Air ‘ button and find “The South Bay Small Business Hour”. The call-in number is 714-242-5288.