April 26, 2014: 100 Things to do in LA Before You Die

Anyone familiar with my website knows I’m all about promoting the fabulous things to do, places to go and people to know in the South Bay. So when I come across other individuals doing something similar to promote their stomping grounds, I’m all over it.

I recently picked up a copy of Carrie Kim’s, 100 Things to Do in Los Angeles Before You Die.

Admittedly, I was most interested in her South Bay recommendations (I can’t help being geo-centric) but since I’ve been known to wander from my beloved beach on occasion, I continued reading.

100 Things to Do in Los Angeles Before You Die is full of fun, interesting, educational and quirky, events and activities taking place all over the L.A. Basin.

Kim’s suggestions are as varied and extraordinary as The Land of LA itself and she’s done her homework. While readers will recognize many of the recommendations, there are no tired clichés and there is something for every adventure level.

Traditional L.A. pastimes are well represented – attend a summer concert at the Hollywood Bowl, eat a late-night breakfast at the Original Pantry, score an invitation to the Magic Castle – as are new classics, such as a visit to the Space Shuttle, catching the sunset at Nelson’s, chasing down a favorite food truck and riding a zipline at Venice Beach.

Kim also provides any number of opportunities to live dangerously – from dining in the dark to visiting the Watts Towers.

In addition, Kim boldly includes an activity that has never, ever been suggested in the City of Angels….. walking tours (gasp!). She includes two: the L.A. Conservancy Tours and the Downtown Art Walk.

100 Things to Do in Los Angeles Before You Die is a well-rounded guide to exploring The Land of LA for both visitors and locals. Keep it handy and you’ll never be at a loss for ideas on what to do any given weekend and you’ll always have fascinating stories to share at parties…..and by all means, the next time family or friends come for a visit, have them go through the book and choose their own adventures. Kim’s recommendations will ensure a totally EPIC L.A. experience.

To purchase the book, visit the website at http://www.100thingsla.com/#!buy-it/cc51.

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Photo courtesy of Reedy Press.

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