A Basq Kitchen

136 North International Boardwalk
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Cuisine: Basque Country
Jackie says: Cozy, colorful, casual and comfortable, A Basq Kitchen is located right in the harbor and offers a comprehensive menu of traditional Basque favorites and small plates called Pintxo. If you’re not familiar with Basque cuisine, this is the place to become acquainted with it! The dishes are diverse and feature seafood, stews, charcuterie, skewers and a variety of meats including lamb, hare, oxtail, ribs, chicken and more. The paella is famous throughout the South Bay and a whole pan is great fun and a must-have if you’re dining with a large group. They only serve Paella on Thursdays, so plan accordingly. The staff is incredibly friendly and makes you feel right at home!